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Hi, I’m Everold Reid, creator of the Lease Performance Blueprint

In 1989, Everold Reid took a summer job selling cars to earn extra money for college. The job was supposed to be temporary, but Everold realized that he had a gift for selling and his part-time status eventually evolved into a full-time career in automotive sales. From his earliest years in the retail car industry, Everold has been a keen student of selling, eager to learn new strategies and techniques to build his knowledge base and, more importantly, to expand his customer base. His sales mastery has led to top sales ranking at the dealerships where he has worked, as well as many awards for his performance. Along the way, Everold adopted the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement that remains central to his present-day sales, advertising and marketing efforts.

Throughout his career in automotive sales, Everold developed a sales and marketing blueprint that has allowed him, his teams, and other dealerships to perform at the highest level, year after year. This blueprint has is a proven system of sales and marketing strategies that can boost your leasing performance almost overnight. You have in front of you two decades worth of sales and marketing knowledge and expertise, giving you the inside track on how to succeed in the competitive automotive sales industry.

His advice and insights on automotive selling, advertising and marketing are sought after by some of the world’s top automotive brands, and if you commit to this process,  Everold will show you how to become an automotive superstar and earn the income – and respect – you deserve in automotive sales.